Introducing a sequel Dragster adventure: Road Rally Rescue

Hi Dragsters:

Get ready for the next Dragster adventure, introducing new dragster friends of Doug and Daisy.  This new story will start your engines and you will be putting all your wheels into motion to solve the rescue of Daisy and her dragster girls after the Road Rally.  Doug, Sid and Sam lead the way but you will need to collect the clues and follow the trail to solve the mystery of what happened to the girl dragsters.

\”All you dragsters, are you ready?  Keep your front wheels slow & steady. Find the girls and solve the mystery. It\’s up to you to create history.\”

Watch the website for the new story of Doug and the dragsters.  You will meet Daisy\’s girl dragster friends and learn to recognize their Quality world pictures as they use the open roads to create exciting adventures.

Form your teams, mates, and lead the way as you travel the twisting adventure and gather the clues that will offer you the opportunity to become awesome mystery writers!

Watch for the new book available here, on Get