Get Happier for Families

Get Happier for Families

Happy At Home Activities

Bringing families together

Providing positive thoughts and activities to enhance family relationships, increase co-operation and reduce conflict.

Games and activities help us learn in a fun way. Fun is a basic human need and it is also a great way to get happier and connect with others. These activities will bring you and your family closer and create memories you will remember forever. Each day, a different dragster from our program will introduce the activity.

Getting Started

We recommend that families begin by reading the exciting storybook ‘The Amazing Adventures of Doug Dragster’ and using the ‘My Get Happier Travel Journal’ together.

This page turning e-book is ideal for parents and children to read together and use the discussion questions as prompts for sharing and connecting. It helps improve literacy and gently teaches the skills for wellbeing and problem solving.

Parents and Care-Givers

This simple, easy to read e-book has been written to help you achieve all this and more!

How to Raise Positive and Empowered Kids is packed with stories, strategies and the best resources I have created in nearly 40 years of psychological practice. You will get free access to some of the unique downloads and posters I have created for the thousands of people I have counselled and trained.


Doug Dragster's 'Get Happier' Toolbox

Another perfect resource for families is ‘Doug Dragster’s Get Happier Toolbox’. This fun card set includes games and activities to improve relationships and the wellbeing of all family members.

How many times have your children come home with a problem?

Maybe a difficult social situation, a problem with a teacher or even just feeling not so good about themselves? Doug Dragster’s Get Happier Toolbox includes a fantastic and simple method for you to help them solve these problems without ‘telling them what to do’!