Grade 2 and 3

Grade 2 and 3

This Grade 2 and 3 social and emotional learning program uses the storybook, The Amazing Adventures of Doug Dragster and The Get Happier Travel Journal. The program includes stories, fun, games and activities, discussion, reflection, writing, art, construction and reading.

Along with the Teacher Guide of 71 sessions, the three hard copy resources used by the children over the two years are:

  1. My Get Happier Travel Journal
    (One copy required per student over two years)
  2. The Amazing Adventures of Doug Dragster Story & Audio book
  3. The Get Happier Toolbox

Included in the package are the following resources to print:

  • 4 Wheels Posters
  • Open Road Posters for Working Together
    The Lesson Guides provide comprehensive activities which are spread over the two years. Lessons can be adapted for shorter or longer sessions of 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Teacher Guide to the Get Happier Travel Journal

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The Amazing Adventures of Doug Dragster

This book is the foundational resource of the entire Get Happier Project. This illustrated chapter book follows the adventures of Doug and his friends as they navigate some of life’s most difficult choices and discover the secrets to ‘Get Happier’. Within the novel, you will find three stories in one book!

The audiobook is delivered chapter by chapter and narrated by the author Ivan Honey. The mp3 download audiobook can be used as a read along book or as a listening and comprehension exercise.

The Get Happier Toolbox

The Get Happier Toolbox is a dynamic card set that is designed to help everyone discover and apply the skills for living a happy and successful life. It can be used as a practical, fun and visual method to teach emotional Intelligence, understand feelings, develop empathy, improve self-esteem, learn problem solving skills and to learn how to make and keep better relationships. For the Grade 2/3 Program the Toolbox contains useful card sets such as the 4 Wheels 2 Get Happier cards and the Open and Dead End Roads cards. The 4 Wheels to Get Happier Cards take us into the world of the Dragsters, helping us to project our feelings and thoughts safely onto the dramatic visual images. The cards are built into the lesson plans. The Open and Dead End Roads cards are perfect for Grade 3 of this program. Again, they are a fun way to teach and they also create a simple visual system that can be used to teach both relationship and self-esteem building skills.

There is a comprehensive instruction book in the toolbox, including lots of strategies, games and ideas.

My Get Happier Travel Journal

The My Get Happier Travel Journal is a personal journal for each child to write, draw, colour in and record their learnings. Each page links with a chapter in The Amazing Adventures of Doug Dragster, and promotes discussion and understanding of essential social and emotional skills for well being.

Teacher Guide to the My Get Happier Travel Journal

Comprehensive teacher guide with 71 lesson plans providing easy, step by step instructions to implement the program in your home, classroom or group. The Teacher Guide contains:

  • Introduction to the Get Happier School Project
  • Lesson plans for The Amazing Adventures of Doug Dragster
  • Games and Activities
  • Mindfulness Games and Exercises

Resources to Print

  • 4 Wheels Posters. Introduce students to the 4 Wheels with these 4 vibrant posters.
  • Open Road Posters for Working Together. These fabulous posters are the basis for effectively working together, and are introduced at the beginning of each school year.
  • 5 Questions. 5 great posters to guide students to find solutions and solve problems themselves.