How To Raise Positive and Empowered Kids eBook

How To Raise Positive and Empowered Kids eBook

Imagine yourself…

  • as a happy, relaxed and effective parent, with the skills, knowledge and strategies to manage your children without yelling, fighting or threatening.
  • understanding the underlying purpose behind all behaviour
  • working smarter, not harder, in your family
  • having a genuine and positive connection with your children and helping them achieve their potential
  • confidently teaching your children the skills to live a happy, positive and empowered life
  • being your best self, not perfect but real and positive, and living your own inspirational life!

This simple, easy-to-read e-book has been written to help you achieve all this and more!

How To Raise Positive and Empowered Kids contains the essence of what I have learned working as a psychologist, national and international trainer, author, parent and grandparent. What I learnt transformed my approach to being a parent. It will do the same for you too, and you can start today.

How To Raise Positive and Empowered Kids is packed with stories, strategies and the best resources I have created in nearly 40 years of psychological practice. You will get free access to some of the unique downloads and posters I have created for the thousands of people I have counselled and trained.

This easy-to-read e-book will give you a unique and simple framework to understand and manage your family challenges. This understanding will enable you to prevent many problems from occurring in the first place.

When you buy How to Raise Positive and Empowered Kids you will discover a series of support products within the e-book links.

These products include downloadable audio relaxation and visualisation tracks, posters, planning sheets and more!

You will receive not only Ivan’s latest information on how to create a positive and empowered family life and the resources to take action steps in your life!

“This is a JEWEL of a book! Very well written, clearly explained , illustrated and full of resources. I use it as a manual to refer to when I have questions to ask about parenting and need an immediate answer. It is amongst our families most loved books and will be a gift I give to new parents and friends. It is also great for care-givers in child care centres and teachers in schools. As a parent and mental health professional I recommend it highly.”

S. Caruana Vella, Malta
Mental Health Professional and Parent