Secondary Implementation Guide


  1. All staff read the Get Happier School Year 7 & 8 Overview and Resources Document so they understand the scope and sequence of the program, and their part in it..
  2. Read and sign your Year 7 & 8 License document which will be emailed to you.
    • Pay your 5 year license fee by EFT or card on receipt of your invoice.
    • Discuss your preferred mode of Staff training .
  3. When Ivan Honey & Associates Pty Ltd receives your signed agreement and payment, we will create your school subscriber account to access the downloadable resources on the website. The hard copy resources will be posted to you. Provide all staff with digital copy of; Happy Parenting: Raising Positive and Empowered Kids. Much of this simple and practical book will be of value for teachers and parents, and it provides an outline of the Get Happier School framework they will be teaching the students.
  4. Get the full buy in from staff by conducting a one or two day training on the project and its content and implementation. Ivan Honey, the author and facilitator of The Get Happier School Project or a Licensed Get Happier School Trainer will undertake this training in your school. The cost of this training is not included in the License Agreement cost. This training is a prerequisite for the successful implementation of the program. This training introduces the teachers to the concepts and ideas and gives them the confidence to introduce the program to their class. Alternatively, you may purchase the eight interactive video training sessions which are available in the subscriber section.
    • Ongoing access to our subscriber section will be provided on completion of licensing. This is where you obtain all digital files for your school.
  5. Appoint a Get Happier School Year 7 & 8 co-ordinator in your school. Ask for expressions of interest from staff members who are enthusiastic and highly committed to the project. Their role is to co-ordinate the project across all classes, to be a support to staff, to document outcomes and to maintain connection with The Get Happier School administration. This is a very important role and the selection of this person needs to be made carefully.
  6. Parents of your school can obtain a free copy of Ivan Honey’s best-selling e-book Happy Parenting: Raising Positive and Empowered Kids. Schools will receive a Coupon Code to pass on to parents, enabling them to purchase the e-book from the Get Happier website for FREE.

Expression of Interest