Year 7 – 8

Year 7 – 8

Year 7: Dragster’s Magic

In Year 7, students discover Dragster’s Magic! They start by reading the storybook, The Amazing Adventures of Doug Dragster. They then complete fun and engaging activities in Doug Dragster’s Magic Book to build their understanding of behaviour, and further develop social & emotional skills. This includes the use of The Get Happier Toolbox and an introduction to mindfulness skills.

Year 8: Making Your Own Magic

In Year 8, students learn the skills to Making Your Own Magic. The students work in teams to create projects to increase happiness within the school. Skills acquired from previous programs are applied. Students learn and develop the skills of project management and leadership.


Dragster’s Magic Teacher Guide for Year 7

Comprehensive Teacher Guide Easy, step by step guide to implementing the program in your classroom or group. The Teacher Guide contains:

  • Introduction to the Get Happier School Project
  • Lesson plans
  • Mindfulness Activities


Doug Dragster’s Magic Book

A companion book to The Amazing Adventures of Doug Dragster, Doug Dragster’s Magic Book is specifically designed to build on the learning gained from the stories. Packed with comics, more stories, activities and fun.

The Amazing Adventures of Doug Dragster

This book is the foundational resource of the entire Get Happier Project. This illustrated chapter book follows the adventures of Doug and his friends as they navigate some of life’s most difficult choices and discover the secrets to ‘Get Happier’. Within the novel, you will find three stories in one book!

The audiobook is delivered chapter by chapter and narrated by the author Ivan Honey. The mp3 download audiobook can be used as a read along book or as a listening and comprehension exercise.

The Get Happier Toolbox

The Get Happier Toolbox is a dynamic card set that has been designed to help students discover and apply their understanding of feelings, make responsible choices and maintain healthy friendships, and get the best out of life.

Classroom Poster Package

Digital resources for you to print. The 41 posters in the Classroom Poster Package will transform your room into a ‘Get Happier Classroom’! These vibrant and easily recalled images from the story and sessions can be used to create a display as reminders or as problem solving tools in your classroom.

  • 7 Open Roads and 7 Dead End Roads
  • 10 Open Road Thoughts to Get Happier
  • Doug’s Magic Manual
  • Doug’s Magic Toolbox Checklist
  • Car Components
  • 4 Wheels Posters
  • 5 Questions Posters
  • Your Keys to Get Happier
  • Road Map Plan
  • Certificates

The BIG Get Happier Teaching Floor Chart

This BIG floor or wall mat is the ideal teaching resource for Get Happier School Program.

Making Your Own Magic Student Project Book for Year 8

This is the project book that your students will use to create, plan and evaluate their group and individual plans. This project book takes the students step by step through the process of project management and leadership.

Making Your Own Magic Teacher Guide for Year 8

It is an easy, step by step guide to implementing the program in your classroom or group. While the groups operate fairly independently, teachers provide oversight and support and ensure that the plans in action are realistic and focussed. It is envisaged that projects can include digital media, art, music, literature, physical education, environmental science, and any area that lends itself to this project work.


Open Road Thoughts to Get Happier Cards

This new set of 10 powerful affirmation and problem solving cards are simple to use, and provide affirmations and processes for helping children learn the skills to solve their own problems, and at the same time develop a growth mindset. They come with an instruction booklet.