Ivan Honey (Australia)

Ivan is a Psychologist, International Trainer and a two-time #1 Amazon Best selling Author with his children’s book, The Amazing Adventures of Doug Dragster, and his new book Happy Parenting: Raising Positive and Empowered Kids. He is the founder of the new Get Happier Project which was researched and trialled in the Los Angeles School District in California, and is now being implemented in schools in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. It is copyright and trade marked around the world.

Ivan works with many schools and teachers to implement the ideas and strategies of his practical psychology and wellbeing program in the classroom. He teaches the psychology of self-esteem and relationships, emotional intelligence, well-being, motivation, and mindsets for resilience and high performance. He has recently created The Get Happier School, a comprehensive developmental curriculum in Social and Emotional Learning for Primary Schools (children 5 -12 years).

In the Get Happier School, he has created a simple, sustainable system designed to address the causes of unhappiness, not just the symptoms. He links cutting edge psychology with effective teaching and learning processes.

Ivan’s focus is on the Mental Health of young people, and to develop clear and simple strategies for prevention and treatment of mental health issues. He is passionate about teaching the psychology of well-being and happiness in a visual, fun and holistic way.

Ivan has worked as a psychologist for over 40 years seeing families, young children and parents in his psychology practice. He is the co-author of a best-selling set of therapeutic cards called Cars R Us. His latest publication, The Get Happier Toolbox provides schools, counsellors and families with resources to teach ideas and strategies to enhance relationships and performance.

Ivan is a Senior Faculty member of The William Glasser Institute, and teaches throughout Australia and Internationally, in the US, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, South Korea, China and South America. His work is beginning to be translated into other languages.

Ivan speaks regularly at local National and International Conferences, with a focus on both prevention and treatment of mental illness.

Some of Ivan’s recent speaking engagements include:

  • Presenter, World Forum on Mental Health and Happiness
  • Workshops and Presenter, No 2 Bullying Conference, Queensland
  • Workshops and Speaker, International Mental Health Conference, Gold Coast Qld.
  • Workshop and Speaker, William Glasser International Conference, Toronto
  • Workshops and Speaker, William Glasser Institute Conf., Sunshine Coast, Qld.
  • Workshops and Speaker, William Glasser International Conference Seoul, Sth Korea
  • Keynote Speaker & Workshops, International Conference on Children & Youth Work Practice, Singapore
  • Workshop and Training over 4 days William Glasser Institute International Conference Bogata, Columbia
  • Keynote speaker and presenter, Education Re-Engagement Forum, Bendigo
  • Ivan presents regular 3 or 4 days trainings and over the last few months has conducted these in Brisbane, Sunshine Beach, Singapore, Bendigo and Colombia.
  • Keynote speaker at the Fabulous Four Schools Professional Learning Day, Townsville, October 2018