Happy At Home Activities

Happy At Home Activities

Welcome to Family Fun Activities

A Note to Parents.

Games and activities help us learn in a fun way. Fun is a basic human need and it is also a great way to get happier and connect with others. So, we invite you to set the scene with the Activity 01 and then follow through every day. It will bring you and your family closer and create memories you will remember forever. Each day, a different dragster from our program will introduce the activity.

As the parent, you read out what is written and have fun supervising each activity, which is designed to support the family and refocus on positive, practical uplifting messages and skills. The introduction on Activity 01 it is very important to set the guidelines and boundaries. Family games can become over competitive and result in conflict, fighting or put-downs. Just stop the game, ask ‘Is this working?’ Then invite everyone to return to the Open roads as it isn’t fun on the Dead End roads.

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We want your help in constructing more games. Email them to me at ivan@ivanhoney.com and I will add them to the list. Take photos of your family playing the games to record these special connecting times.

If you want to know about the dragsters, get Ivan’s best selling children’s book, The Amazing Adventures of Doug Dragster. It’s available at the Get Happier shop as a book or an audio book, read by the author.

Welcome to our family fun time. We dragsters love to have fun. In our first activity, you will discover the Open Roads and how to stay on them.
Join us to play two fun games that show us the importance of LISTENING and decorate the LISTENING Open Road poster.
Create artwork that shows what is really important to you.
Play a fun guessing game. Learn how important NEGOTIATING is when we play or work with others.
Learn to appreciate the good things that are happening to help yourself and your family feel happier.
Learn all about the RESPECTING Open Road and what you can do to make your family happier.
Discover how we help ourselves or someone else feel a bit better by travelling on the SUPPORTING and ENCOURAGING Open Roads.
Have some fun with Sid's jokes and riddles.
Enjoy some family fun time creating crazy future stories.
Download our FREE eBook, Sis Gets Scared and discuss your favourite stories and characters.
Take time outside to discover new joys. Share what you have noticed with your family.
Have fun playing a memory game. Learn the value of TRUSTING ourselves and each other with the TRUSTING Open Road Poster.
Share time travelled on the Open Roads. Which is your favourite Open Road?
Join us in a fun game where we use our imagination to get happier.
Find out how to stay connected to your family, friends and community.
Use this fun family game to send messages to each other.
A classic fun game that will keep everyone guessing!
Try this old Victorian game, where everyone joins in to create some really funny stories.
Our first fun obstacle course relies on TRUSTING. And there are other fun obstacle courses for you to try.
Print and decorate our engaging Open Road colouring pages. Which is your favourite dragster?