Grade 6

Grade 6

In this program, students work in teams to create projects to increase happiness within the school. They use their acquired knowledge from the previous programs and apply it to different projects and learn the skills of project management.

This program follows the learning that the children have completed using Doug Dragster’s Magic Book, The Amazing Adventures of Doug Dragster storybook and The Get Happier Toolbox

The pre-condition to begin this program is that the class has completed the earlier programs as part of The Get Happier Schools Project.

Along with the Teacher Guide of 13 sessions, the digital resource used by the children is;

  • Get Happier in Action Student Project Book
    (One digital copy required per student)

The Lesson Guides provide comprehensive activities which are spread over the year.

Included in the package are the following resources to print:

  • Open and Dead End Roads Posters
  • Magic Questions Poster
  • The Get Happier Project Framework

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Teacher Guide to the Get Happier in Action Student Project Book

Comprehensive Teacher Guide

Easy, step by step guide to implementing the program in your classroom or group.

The Teacher Guide contains:

  • Introduction to the Get Happier School Project
  • Lesson plans
  • Mindfulness Activities

The Amazing Adventures of Doug Dragster Story & Audio Book

This book is the foundational resource of the entire Get Happier Project. This illustrated chapter book follows the adventures of Doug and his friends as they navigate some of life’s most difficult choices and discover the secrets to ‘Get Happier’. Within the novel, you will find three stories in one book!

The Get Happier In Action Student Project Book (students workbook)

This is the project book that your students will use to create, plan and evaluate their group and individual plans. This project book takes the students step by step through the process of project management.


  • The Get Happier Project Framework – you’ll find this at the back of this guide.
  • Open and Dead End Road Posters.
  • Magic Questions Poster.