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Teacher and Facilitator Workbook

The Get Happier School Online Training Series Workbook for Teachers

Ensure all teachers have their own copy of this resource.

Teacher and Facilitator Instructions

A welcome note to educators from, Ivan Honey

A welcome note for the facilitator, from Ivan Honey

Certificate for those completing the video course

Session 1:The Get Happier School

The first session in the Get Happier School Training Series. An introduction and orientation to the program by Ivan Honey.

Version: 1.4

Session 2: The Get Happier School

The Open and Dead End Roads. Discover the happiness habits that lead to great relationships.

Version: 1.5

Session 3: The Get Happier School

The Drivers Seat. The bottom line...your happiness is up to you!

Session 4: The Get Happier School

The Windscreen. The psychology of perception.

Session 5: The Get Happier School

The Engine. The psychology of motivation. Why we do, what we do!

Session 6: The Get Happier School

The Four Wheels. How to understand your feelings and get happier!

Session 7: The Get Happier School

The Steering Wheel. Where do you want to go? What do you really want?

Session 8: The Get Happier School

The Magic Questions. How to solve problems and get the best out of life!

Session 9: Putting It All Together

The whole framework comes together in a role play!