3 or 4 Day Intensive Training

3 or 4 Day Intensive Training

Workshop in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management.

Facilitated by Ivan Honey
Learn the positive psychology of happiness

Did You Know?
  • That over 2000 people have completed a Basic Training Week in Choice Theory, Reality Therapy and Lead Management in Bendigo.
  • Choice Theory is taught by Faculty of the William Glasser Institute in over 50 countries.
  • Reality Therapy has been endorsed by the European Association for Psychotherapy as a scientific valid and effective therapy.
  • Choice Theory says that improving the quality of our relationships increases happiness, productivity and wellbeing in organisations.
  • Ivan consults in the business sector to assist in achieving quality outcomes through the Choice Theory and Lead Management process.
  • Ivan teaches this transformational Psychology across Australia and Internationally.
  • The Get Happier School teaches Choice Theory to children in a fun and engaging way.
What is Choice Theory?

Choice Theory is a framework to understand human behaviour, and assist in making effective interventions at the point of greatest leverage. It can be learnt at a simple practical level and at a level that can assist profound shifts in human behaviour and motivation. Underlying this framework is the idea that nearly all behaviour is chosen and that we are responsible for these choices.

What is Reality Therapy?

Reality Therapy was devised by Dr William Glasser in the 1950’s as a new way of counselling that focuses on future goals and present choices, rather than the misery of the past. It has been developed since this time to incorporate the ideas of Choice Theory, and is a powerful problem-solving model both in counselling and for personal self-evaluation.

What is Lead Management?

Lead Management involves the use of Choice Theory to create a quality organisation based on positive relationships and producing outcomes of excellence. It creates a simple, sustainable model to use as a blueprint to apply to organisations of varying size and complexity. It focuses on internalising the quality, skills and strategies required to be and effective lead manager.

Workshop Outcomes
  • Learn a clear simple and practical model to understand yourself and others.
  • Be introduced to a very effective problem solving process.
  • Learn how to access and connect to the real person behind the mask.
  • Identify the behaviours that enhance relationships.
  • Understand the process of perceptions, and how it can be expanded to create higher levels of awareness.
  • Understand the five basic needs that drive behaviour and use these to manage behavioural problems.
  • Become aware of your own unique need strengths.
  • Learn the underlying basis for emotional intelligence and see how this can be used in counselling, managing and teaching.
  • Be able to use the Choice Theory framework.
  • Explore effective and ineffective approaches to management.
  • Apply these ideas practically in managing a challenging employee.
  • Learn how to create a quality workplace.
  • Consider how you can manage your own life to achieve higher quality outcomes.
  • Have fun learning how to use all the Get Happier Project visual products.
  • Use the Reality Therapy problem solving process to deal with a range of practical challenges.
  • Understand how this model can enhance mental health and creativity.
  • Learn a process for rapid and ongoing behavioural change.
  • Learn a process for on-going self-evaluation and continuous improvement.
  • Receive a certificate from the William Glasser International acknowledging your training.
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Come and join Ivan Honey, Psychologist, Best Selling Author and Human Behaviour Specialist!

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