Get Happier Toolbox

Get Happier Toolbox

Take a peek into the Get Happier Toolbox, a dynamic, visual card set and framework that works with both young and old! Discover the wide variety of applications and activities in the detailed instruction booklet.  This resource uses evidence based positive psychology and Choice Theory approaches.

This dynamic card set has been designed to help everyone discover and apply the skills for living a happier and more successful life. You will learn key aspects of Emotional Intelligence, improve your self esteem and happiness and learn how to make and keep better relationships. You will also learn powerful questions and processes to solve problems and get the best out of life.

Whether you are a young person, counsellor, parent or teacher, you will find the simple instructions in this book easy to follow. The toolbox cards can be used on their own, or with the other Get Happier Resources.

It is important to create a safe, trusting connection with people as you start using the cards. Be friendly, listen and get to know the person. Introduce children to some of the fun games or activities in the information booklet. Young people who are resistant find themselves drawn into the card ‘games’, especially if they have already connected to the individual dragsters in the storybook.

The best way to become an expert on using these cards is to use them on yourself. Apply the processes regularly for problem solving and reflection and you will discover new creative possibilities that will transform your life.

68 Transformational Cards for All Ages!

The Toolbox contains 3 individual card sets:


39 colourful and engaging feeling cards.

These cards draw us into the world of the Dragsters, helping us to project our feelings and thoughts safely onto the dramatic visual images. These fun cards teach a simple visual system to solve problems, to learn to feel happier, and to make simple plans that can be used straight away. Using these cards creates a positive connection between yourself and the person with whom you are working. The cards will help them to understand, manage and change their feelings.

4 Wheels to Get Happier


17 powerful and captivating affirmation cards

These cards teach the affirmations for a positive mind-set and a happier life. They also identify the common self defeating beliefs that undermine mental health. The contrast between the positive and negative affirmations helps us to recognise our current ineffective mind-set. We are then able to develop a plan of action to improve our quality of life. The affirmations provide daily reminders of the life choices and self talk that create success and wellbeing.

Open and Dead End Roads


10 practical life strategy cards

These cards offer the formula for a regular tune up and show how you can get happier by identifying your needs and finding new and healthy ways to meet them. The cards teach a simple and fun visual system and checklist for increasing awareness, setting goals, problem solving and improving performance. The focus is on the one person you can change — YOU!

Supercharge Your Dragster

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