14: Feeling lonely? Missing Friends?

‘Doug told me that he was feeling a bit lonely and missing his dragster friends. We played this game.

You might like to try it too!

Think about the thing you miss most about staying at home all the time. Now imagine that you were able to have it. Maybe it’s a hug from your grandparents or your aunty and uncle.

Do you remember what it feels like to hug that someone special? If that person isn’t with you, you can imagine that you are giving them a hug. 

Sit back and take a deep breath. Relax and think about a wonderful place where you really like to be. You might close your eyes so you can see it and really imagine how special it is to be there. Think to yourself, ‘I love this place and it feels so nice to be here. I feel peaceful and comfortable. I am glad that the person I love can be here with me’. We are so glad to be close together in this place.

Now imagine that your special person reaches out to you for a hug. 

Reach your hands out and cross them in front of your chest, as though you were bringing your special person into your arms in a hug. Then think silently, “I am so happy that we can be together like this. I think we can have a great day together.” 

Maybe there are other special people you would like to invite into your peaceful, happy place. Open your arms wide enough to bring all of them into your imaginary hug. How exciting it is to have everyone you love so close! 

Now imagine that all the people in the world are your friends and bring everyone into your imaginary hug. Say something like, “I hope everyone is healthy today and getting stronger. I want all of us to feel safe, loved and happy where ever we are. I wish everyone well.”

Now open your eyes.

Mini says, “Do you feel happier now than you were before your imaginary hugs?  How do you feel when you send friendly wishes out to others? Imaginary hugs are one way I can feel cared for and stronger. If it helped you to feel happier, share your imaginary hugs with your family. They may choose to try it too.