15: Connecting with family and friends

I am Larry Limo, Doug Dragster’s dad.  I usually drive celebrities around but right now, I have my business closed so that I can stay safe at home. 

I asked Doug, What was the hardest thing about staying home?  He said he missed his friends.  Do you miss your friends?  Have you found a way to connect with them on the phone, text or internet? 

Who do you miss the most?  How will you be able to connect with them?  Can you talk to your family and plan how you can stay in touch with friends and other family members who do not live with you?

It is important for our wellbeing that we stay connected to our special people. 

Do you know older people who do not have family and need to feel connected?  Can you and your family find ways to connect with them so they feel cared about?  We call Uncle Diesel every day on skype and he is always happy to hear from us.  We feel happier, too, seeing him on the internet knowing that he is healthy and safe in his home. Yesterday, Doug shared one of Sid’s jokes with him.  We were all laughing and we all felt happier.

Do you want to be a good neighbor to an older person?  Plan with your family how you can help an older neighbor who might live alone.

  • Who will you reach out to?                                                                         
  • How will you connect with that person?
  • What can you do to bring some cheer into their life?

Maybe you can share the ideas in the Magic Book. It helped my family realise that we can’t always control what happens, but we can always choose an effective way to deal with it.  Staying safe and healthy are effective ways now.