02: Listening

Daisy says, Here are two fun games telling us how important it is to LISTEN (an Open road.)

  • Whispers – One player thinks of a word or phrase and whispers it to another player, who whispers it to someone else. The game continues until the word has been shared with everyone. The last person says the word, which is usually very different than the original one.
  • Add to the sentence – One person starts by saying the phrase, “I’m going to visit Grandma and I’m taking an…” and finishes the sentence with an item that starts with the letter A. The next person repeats the phrase and finishes the sentence with an item that begins with a B. The pattern continues with the rest of the alphabet.

Now it’s time to decorate the LISTENING Open road poster, and remind yourself how much you learn when you listen.

Download the Listening Road colouring page