04: Time for a guessing game!

Animal, Vegetable or Mineral

One person thinks of an object that is either an animalmineral, or vegetable. This person tells the players which group it belongs to eg. it might be the animal group. The players then take turns asking questions.

The person thinking up the object can only answer with a YES or NO. eg. a question could be “Is it big?” or “Do we eat it?”

Listen to the questions the others ask to get the clues.

Sometimes in our games, we get into disagreements. When we disagree with someone else, that is perfectly fine.  But does it work when we blame, criticize or threaten? Look at the NEGOTIATING road poster.

Download the Negotiating Road colouring page
  1. Talk about a time when you worked out a problem without getting angry or upset
  2. What do you do to calm yourself down when you get angry?
  3. Decorate the NEGOTIATING Open road poster