09: Fun crazy future stories

‘I was thinking, it would be fun to create a crazy story about what the future might be like if we could only communicate on a computer or electronically.  It might be like living on another planet, having buttons all over our bodies that we could push for food, water, music or whatever we want. What would your crazy world be like? 

Ask each person in your family to describe their fantasy world. You could play the story creation game where one person starts the story and then they pass it to another who adds their part. The then next person adds something else. That really gets to be a “crazy” mixed up story!

For example, a person might say,

‘I went to the store”.

Person 2 may add “I went to the store, I saw a cat”

Person 3 starts to make it interesting by saying, “I went to the store, I saw a cat, the cat had two heads”.

Then keep going until you can’t stop laughing!