17: Monsters in the Dark

One of the best indoor games for kids is ‘Monsters in the Dark’! This game is best done at night so that it is dark when the lights are turned off. Have the kids sit in a circle and close their eyes. You gently tap one child on the shoulder, and they are the monster. Everyone opens their eyes and you pick a detective.

The detective leaves the room and waits outside until 5 seconds after they hear a scream.

While the lights are turned off and the other players mix and mingle around the room. The monster must tap their victim on the shoulder and whisper into their ear, I am the monster and you are now dead. The victim must give a blood-curdling scream and collapse to the floor.

Everyone except the monster must stand still.

The detective enters the room 5 seconds after the scream and turns on the lights. The detective looks at the victim and starts to question everyone in order to identify the monster. Only the monster can tell a lie. Everyone else MUST tell the truth.

Once the detective has decided who they think the monster is they must touch the accused monster on the shoulder and announce I am arresting you for scaring an innocent person, John Smith (name the victim).

If the detective is right, then the monster can confess. If the detective is wrong, then the true monster can reveal themselves.