19: Obstacle course

Blind Obstacles

Set up some obstacles in the room. Blindfold one player and the rest of the players must lead them through the obstacle course by telling them the way to go. Left to avoid a chair, right 2 steps to avoid a table. etc.

For bigger groups, split them into pairs and let each person playing take a turn at leading and navigating.

Here are some other variations to play:

Red light, Green light

When you call out “green light!”, a player begins moving through the obstacles.  Call out “red light!” and that’s their cue to stop – even if they’re mid-step! They have to balance until you call out “green light” again.

Animal Walks

Have children try moving like an animal all the way through the obstacle course. The children can pick their own favourite animal to try.

Song Signal

Play music as the children move through the obstacles.  Stop the music without warning and see if kids can freeze as soon as they hear it stop.  Repeat!