22. A fun way to keep on the Open Roads

I have a new idea that might be fun for you and your family. I was thinking about all my friends I’m so glad to know and that I’m missing these last few weeks. I decided I would create an appreciation chain so that I can remember all the fun things we did together.

I cut coloured paper into strips and on each strip, I put one of my friend’s names. Then I wrote or drew pictures of all the things I appreciated about our friendship. When I finished, I taped the strip into a circle and added each strip to the next. I created a long chain with all my favourite friends, games and activities on it. I felt real happy making the chain and now I smile every time I look at it in my room. I told my friends and they are making their chains too! We are planning to hook all our chains together when we can all play together again.

How many strips will you be able to add to your chain? Try this activity and see if you feel happier. Let me know how it goes.