23. Tuning in to good stuff

I made my appreciation chain yesterday and today I decided to add to it all the things I appreciate about nature. I was outside this morning listening to the sounds of nature and I thought about how I appreciate my good health and the wonderful world outside.

You might like to spend a little time outside and listen for all the sounds you can identify. Birds, bees, dogs, cats, the wind in the trees, raindrops or waves. What are the sounds you can hear when you are silent and listen carefully? How many different bird species can you hear and identify? Isn’t it nice to hear so many pleasant sounds around us?

Maybe you can learn more about one of the birds or animals that you hear, and share this with your family. Listening carefully and with an appreciation of nature helps me to feel happy.

How about you? If you like, you could make a chain with pictures or words of all you saw and heard today.