26. Make up a poster!

I have been thinking about how patient everyone has been with the health situation. I think some of us are getting tired of the social distancing and wearing masks. Are you? I was wondering if you could help others who are getting impatient to think about why we are doing these things to stay healthy at home.

I am going to brainstorm a list of reasons why this situation is so important for me and for everyone in the world. Then I am going to make some signs that I can display to help others think about their choices and whether they are remaining patient and respectful of their friends and neighbours. You might share these with your family or others. I hope we will think about the future for all of us, not just what I want to do because I am tired of staying home.

My signs will say:

  • What does patience sound like? What will we hear?
  • What does respect for world health look like? What will we see?
  • What is responsible behaviour? What will you do?
  • Want to give it a try? What will your signs or posters say?