27. No need to get bored! Try these games…

Hi friends. Have you been enjoying the songs on my Drag Track? I have invented a couple of games that you might enjoy because you can play them by yourself, whenever there is no one else to play with.

Game #1
Make a list of all your favourite toys or activities. Try to use one or two words to name them. Then, sort them by alphabetical order. Then play each one in the order they come alphabetically. For instance: I like reading JOKES; playing with my miniature cars; comic books, to face-time a friend, inventing stunts.
ABC order: cars, comics, facetime, jokes, stunts. Now when I am trying to think of something to do, I look at my ABC list and choose the next thing from my list. I don’t feel bored anymore because I always have a fun thing to do.

Game #2
(This may not seem like a game, but when I did it, I had a lot more fun than I ever had doing chores before.)
Make a list of all the jobs or chores around the house that I do, or that other people in my family have to do. Write each one of these on a separate slip of paper and put them all in a paper bag. Shake up the bag and draw out one slip. Whatever chore that it is do it or help the adult do it, if it is a chore for an adult in your family. Pull out a slip each morning and one each evening for three days and see if anyone notices what you are doing. You will enjoy the chore, especially if you are doing it for someone or with someone else. Even if it is one of your chores, if you do it because you pulled it from the bag, you can challenge yourself to do it with a smile and as quickly or thoroughly as possible…because it is part of your game. I’ll bet you will find this as much fun as I did, and my mum was so surprised when I took out the trash without being reminded! I really felt good helping-out and surprising my family. Check out this game!