30.Some good questions for you!

Do you ever have worries about how long this social distancing will last? Talk over the situation with your family and plan what you will do if school does not return or go back to normal.

  • What kinds of online assignments work best for you?
  • What do you wish the teachers would do to make it easier to complete assignments?
  • How would you design an online lesson plan for students your age?
  • Do you have suggestions for your parents or teachers about how to stay safe for as long as the Covid-19 orders are in place?
  • If the situation does not change back to allowing large groups to assemble, predict what learning will be necessary and what special assistance will be needed for students.
  • Can you suggest lessons that could be more helpful, even if we have to stay isolated?

Share your thinking with your family and plan ways that you can make learning more fun if the schools don’t go back to normal classroom gatherings for a while. Suggest ways you have found to Get Happier and write them up and stick them on the wall.

Congratulations for being so patient and for talking it through with your family.

  • What open roads are you using with your family and with yourself right now?
  • How do you think you can continue with staying safe at home and still find ways to get happier?

Send me your ideas.