32. Outside

I was driving around yesterday just to get outside for a change. I was thinking how beautiful the world is when I stopped to really notice the trees, the streams, and all the flowers. I usually drive so fast or am thinking about what my destination is, that I don’t stop and really notice all the wonder of the world around me.

Have you ever thought about how miraculous nature really is? I decided I would pick out something I hardly ever notice like the flower that grows next to my front door. Then I would compare it to all the other flowers I have seen today and make a note of their similarities and their differences. For instance: Like the rose bush outside my front door. The flowers are all red and the leaves are green and brown. It is a big bush and has thorns. The other flowers in my yard are many different colours and most do not grow in bush shapes. None of the others have thorns. But they all grow and bloom with flowers each year. How does mother nature make that happen?? I am going to google it.

Maybe you would like to discover something new about the outdoors around you. You might choose to compare trees, birds, the soil, or the seashore. This is such a wonderful world, and so many miracles around us. Now that we have some alone time, I wonder if there is any part of your surroundings that you would like to really notice? My experience today made me happier to think about all the miracles of nature. Will you get happier smelling the roses?