33. Who can I trust? Can I trust myself?

Yesterday Morris said he would skype me this morning, but he didn’t. I thought I could trust him and now I am wondering, was he just joking or did he just forget? Do you ever wonder who you can trust, or even what is TRUST? It is one of the open roads, but I never really thought much about it until this morning.

I am going to lead a skype meeting of all the Double Devil Dragster gang and challenge them to discuss what TRUST means to them. Maybe you would like to do that with your family. You could use the class meeting process. Ask each person to first say what TRUST means to them. Then ask each one to tell about a personal experience with trust or the lack of it and how it felt. Finally, challenge each one to think about whether they want to TRUST others or do they want to be TRUST worthy themselves. These are hard questions to consider. I think if we discuss it together, we will be happier with each other because we will know more about how others think about TRUST. What do you think?