36. I love to help!

Good day, everyone. Did Mini tell you about Doug’s missing his friends? Doug asked me to help him and Sid find a new challenging racing game, I got happier and knew he would be happier by involving me in solving his problem. Sometimes I guess kids think that they have to solve all their problems by themselves. And that is not altogether a bad way to think. But if you trust your family and parents enough to ask for help, everyone feels better, and the problems can be solved much quicker and in safe and effective ways. Parents like to be asked to help their kids. I used to ask my brother Uncle Diesel for help. He was always happy to help and I was always happy to get his suggestions. Grandfather Dizzy has helped Doug a lot too. If you read Doug’s book, The Amazing Adventures of Doug Dragster, you will see how helpful parents and grandparents can be. Check it out.

What are some of the problems in your life that you could use help solving? Do you trust your family to help you? Connecting with your family and seeking ways to help each other, always helps you get happier. Try it.

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