37. Have fun with my secret code game!

What’s happening, mates? Have you tried my messages game? (Activity No:2) Remember the game where you sent a message through everyone and it came out in a crazy way!! Did you have fun with that one?

I have a new one today. It is also about messages, but this time, it is about sharing your own secret code when you send messages to your friends. Create your own secret code and share it with your close friends. Then you can write messages to each other and only the two of you will be able to read them. Sound interesting?

Here is the code I created. Draw three tic tack toe figures on your paper. Then put dots in the sections of two of the figures, I will show you how. Each of the letters of the alphabet is represented by each section. This creates your secret code and you can write anything with it.

Daisy's Secret Code
Print out Daisy’s Secret Code

You try it and share this with your friends. You can write any secret message using this code. Have fun!