38. Animals in the Dark

Hey everybody. Are you looking for another adventure game?

I have another one you can play and share with your friends. Get all your family or friends in the room to stand at least an arm’s length apart. Everyone chooses an animal sound that they will make when the game starts. Then, everyone closes their eyes or blindfolds themselves and the leader gives the direction. It might be one of these: “Find another animal that is like you and get together.” Or “Arrange yourselves in a line in ABC order of the animal’s names.”

If everyone does not want to be blindfolded, you can have one person with their eyes closed or blindfolded and they are instructed to “arrange all the animals in ABC order”. Then they would have to locate the animals and move them into a line. Remember the only sounds the others can make is their animal sound. They cannot talk with words.

I will bet that everyone will get happier when you play this game. My family likes to play it because it doesn’t matter how old or young your family members are. Everyone can play.