39. This is the Mystery Game!

Uncle Diesel here to really challenge you and your friends. This game is as much fun creating it as playing it. This is a Mystery Clue game. You will have to put all your brain in gear for this one. Are you ready?

Creating the game: You will need a leader or clue creator that will set up the game. You will need some small cards or squares of paper for the clues. You will also want to have a final object or goal that all the clues will lead you to. We played it first in Larry Limo’s garage because he had so many things to find and places to hide clues. We also wanted the goal to be a can of cool fresh water for everyone’s water tank. (You might have the goal be your kitchen or refrigerator with cool drinks or a favourite snack.)

Clues: You will need to create 5-7 clues that will lead your group to find the final goal. Each clue should be to find the next clue, and so on, until you get to the final goal. You will give the group the first clue which will lead them to the next one, and so forth. I will give you an example of the game clues, but you will need to write your own as your home may not be the same as Larry’s garage.

Clue 1: If you look really closely, you may find a ring. Inside it will be the most wonderful thing. The next clue!!! Uncle Diesel, “I put the second clue inside a big tyre in the corner of the garage.”

Clue 2: Use your best eyes and don’t be shy. The next clue is hiding in a space with the power wrench nearby. (I hid the next clue in the drawer of Larry’s workbench and laid the power wrench right above the drawer.)

Clue 3: Have you looked high and low? Have you searched all around? An open road sign is where the next clue is found. (I hid the next clue tucked under the edge of the Open road poster Larry had hung in his garage.)

Clue 4: How is the game going? Are you having fun? There is another clue basking in the sun. (I laid this clue in the window ledge beside the big garage door. The sun shines in that window every day.)

Clue 5: Hunting for clues is fun but you’ll never guess. The best part is waiting. Are you up to the test? Check for a clue, perhaps under a vest? (This clue was under the protective shield vest that Larry wears when he is using hot tools.)

Clue 6: Do you need my help? I’m trying my best. To give you clues leading to your quest. That’s my job, you must do the rest. Oh, the next one to find is under the chest. (This next clue was under Larry’s tool chest in the back of the garage.)

Clue 7: I hope Doug’s car is still in the drive. You’ll need the clue there, just to survive. (This next clue was hidden under Doug’s windscreen wiper. It will lead them to the cold drinks for everyone in the cooler.)

Clue 8: By now you may be ready to refill your tank. Your prize is refreshing and me, you can thank. We’ve had a great game and put our brains all in gear. Your prize is in the cooler Larry keeps out here. (I put fresh water in the cooler for all. You might supply frozen ice pops or ice cream cups. The prize should be something everyone will enjoy.)

Hope you like my Mystery Clue game. Have fun creating your own clues and challenges.