New School in the USA: Achievement Charter Academy, Fuquay Varina, North Carolina

The 20-21 school year opened a new Get Happier School, a charter school in North Carolina, Achievement Charter Academy. Seventeen teachers and staff members were introduced to Doug Dragster and his friends in a pre-opening workshop in August 2020. Although many schools in the US were not opening their doors, going totally virtual school settings, Achievement Charter Academy chose to provide the space and health security necessary to open their doors to 162 K-5 students. With full classrooms, masks and desk dividers, all the students were able to attend school all year safely. Doug Dragster and his friends helped them to consider the open roads along the way and the students enjoyed the book and activities. The Get Happier School enabled them to evaluate any back-wheel signals and control their behavior to keep each other safe. It also provided the students with positive outlooks on the complexities of regulations necessary to keep the school open.

By mid-year, a parenting group had committed to supporting ACA with ”Back-Pak Buddies”, holiday meal donations for several families, fundraisers for a washing machine for one needy family and school improvement projects such as school safety zone markers and a school banner for the roadside.

June 2nd graduated 44 Kindergarteners and June 3rd their 18 fifth grade students graduated to go on to the middle schools in the area next year. ACA will fill these seats next year and will add more students and staff for the 2021-22 school year. Look for some great stories from this new charter school as it continues on the open roads and helps the community get happier.