Grade 6 Project teams from Moama Anglican Grammar supporting Emergency Services


‘Our group consisted of 5 students: Keisha, Charlese, Heidi, Charli and Ruby. For our Pastoral Care project, we chose to create gratitude hampers for our local Emergency services. The hampers were very successful, and the different services were very amazed at the fact that we took our time to consider them and to create a magnificent gift. They were all very appreciative. It was amazing to see their faces light up when we gave them the gift’.


‘For our Pastoral Care Project, we decided that we were going to give dried flowers and frames to two different hospitals. Our projects consisted of having dried and pressed flowers which took 2 weeks to make. The people who were involved in this project were: Olivia, Evie, Savannah and Brodyn. We all took part in this project and delivered all of them to the hospitals. They really appreciated the gifts we gave to them’.