School Programs: Springboards to Community Mental Health – Quick Watch Video

This week at the 2020 Australian Rural and Remote Mental Health Symposium, Ivan presented his workshop. School Programs: Springboards to Community Mental Health.

Ivan explains how schools are important to place to reach the community disseminating mental health and building mental health skills and knowledge.

Ivan talks about The Get Happier School, a framework to teach, learn and develop the skills for Mental Health and Happiness.

The new process for digital downloads

By now, all Get Happier Schools will have received the new password and process to access all digital resources. The previous dropbox process has ended and been replaced by the new streamlined subscriber system where all resources are downloaded from the Get Happier Project website.

You may have noted the new digital downloads of the dragster feeling cards for early teaching of emotional intelligence, and learning games. They can be used also at any level of the school. Additional images of the individual 4 Wheels are also included for games and learning activities. Parents in the Get Happier Schools will also be able to download the free parenting book directly from the website. Check with us if you do not have this information.
You may also have noted that the Get Happier Project website has been updated to reflect our emphasis on the Get Happier School curriculum and contains  new sections covering the Year 7/8 program  and  implementation processes

The new K-Grade 1 Program ‘READY, SET, GO!’

The new K-Grade 1 Program ‘READY, SET, GO!’, is receiving great reviews from teachers and kids. Listen to Andrea Rippon an inspiring teacher from MAGS share a story about her experience in using the program.

Get Happier in ACTION! Student Project Update at MAGS

Student teams in Grades 5 and 6 have created a number of team projects to increase the happiness and wellbeing of students and staff. Examples have included fantastic art/mural creations on walls around the school depicting the Open and Dead End Roads, designing and creating an ongoing gardening and relaxation area, organisation of lunchtime and school discos, and a comprehensive recycling program across both upper and lower schools.

In their latest project as reported on the school facebook page, a team of Grade 6 students is spreading happiness and having a positive impact across their wider community.  These senior primary students are participating in the ‘GET HAPPIER IN ACTION’  section of the program. They have been actively planning and working as a team to make meals to take to the local Foodbank which assists those in need.  Students did a wonderful job creating fried rice, pumpkin soup, pasta, curries, biscuits and more. They also learned about project management, teamwork and that GREAT feeling that comes from helping others. Well done! Thanks to the great staff and students making a difference at Moama Anglican Grammar!