The Magic Questions Interactive Story for Kids

We are very excited to launch our new interactive problem-solving story for kids, The Magic Questions.

We travel with Daisy as she works through a difficult problem. As Uncle Diesel guides children through the story, they discover the problem-solving process and the power of The Magic Questions. Children learn The Magic Questions through a fun and interactive story, discovering a framework for problem-solving. Children can use The Magic Questions to deal with any problems they may have.

You can find The Magic Questions story in the Kids Dragtrack. We won’t ruin the story here. Why don’t you read it yourself? After all, The Magic Questions work for everybody.

OUT NOW! Strategies for Creating the Self-Managing Classroom

Supporting teachers with strategies for behaviour management and well-being in the classroom.

The new companion eBook for teachers, Strategies for Creating the Self-Managing Classroom, is now available. SPECIAL OFFER! Use the coupon code CS572 to obtain this fabulous resource for FREE.

I wrote this book at the request of many teachers in our Get Happier Schools who wanted to see how the program resources could be used as an internal control behaviour management approach.

Within the daily challenges of the classroom, how do we best manage student behaviour to achieve the desired outcomes? How can we discover strategies consistent with what we are teaching the students?

This new resource will answer these questions and provide the tools you need to achieve a self-managing classroom. This book provides guidelines and resources to create genuine, respectful, authentic relationships without manipulation and coercion.

If you want this in your classroom, this book is for you.

Mudgeeraba Special School Car Show

Mudgeeraba Special School in Queensland have adapted the GHS program comprehensively and creatively and is a school that any mainstream or Special School would benefit from visiting. Assistant principal, Mr. Steve Dowlan, provided an excellent and extensive description of the program at last year’s Glasser Australia conference in Queensland.

Here is an image from their Car Show, where students create three-dimensional models of cars to teach and learn how to get happier. The school also has an exciting connection with the local Custom Car Club, where students directly experience these amazing cars and relate them to their Get Happier curriculum. You should visit this school if you ever get the opportunity!

How to Raise Positive and Empowered Kids

After consultation with schools and parents, we have changed the title of our best-selling Happy Parenting eBook. The new title, How to Raise Positive and Empowered Kids, reflects the book’s core message. And remember, as part of your Primary Whole School License, this fantastic resource is available FREE for all staff and parents! Download it from the Subscriber Area downloads section.

This resource can also be purchased from the Get Happier Shop.

New resource: Fun Colouring to Get Happier

The Get Happier team has developed a new set of mindfulness colouring posters for staff and students alike following a suggestion from the teachers at Glendore Public School. (Thanks, Glendore!)

These fun colouring pages are available to help children relax or calm down when stressed. This delightful little book is a fantastic way for children to take a break from stress and focus their minds on something creative and soothing. The dragsters have created intricate designs and patterns, just waiting for children to bring to life with their favourite colours. Colouring helps children relax and unwind as they focus on filling the spaces with colour.

What’s great about this book is that it doesn’t require any artistic talent or experience. You simply enjoy the process of colouring and let your mind wander.

So grab your favourite coloured pencils or markers, find a cosy spot to sit, and lose yourself in the calming world of mindfulness colouring. You’ll be amazed at how quickly the stress melts away as you focus on nothing but the colours on the page.

Happy colouring!

You can find the Fun Colouring to Get Happier for free under Primary Whole School License in your subscriber area. This new resource can also be purchased from the Get Happier Shop.