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Happy Parenting is all about raising positive and empowered children.

Happy Parenting is packed with stories, strategies and the best resources that I have created in nearly 40 years of psychological practice. You will also get free access to unique downloads and posters.

Happy Parenting will give you a unique and simple framework to understand and manage your family challenges.

To help you on your journey, I have created a roadmap called The Get Happier Framework. It has seven easy to remember themes, each representing a part of a car and the roads we travel through life. Each chapter of this book is built around one of the seven themes in the next illustration. This fun and simple framework is also the basis for the stories and resources I have created for children to help them become happy, independent and responsible.

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Open Road Thoughts to Get Happier Cards

Welcome to our new powerful set of affirmation and problem-solving cards.

The Open Road Thoughts contain the growth mindsets and
affirmations that increase happiness, resilience and wellbeing, and
improve relationships.

Includes 10 cards and simple to use instructional guide.

Life=Choices; Choices=Life Interview

In this latest podcast, Ivan shares about how the  Get Happier School is addressing the epidemic of mental ill health in our schools and community. He talks with Kim Olver on the Life Equals Choices  podcast  in Chicago.

What’s happening in our school

A description of the Get Happier School project, its origins and purpose, and feedback from schools.

Presentation from 2021 William Glasser International Global Symposium

From The Get Happier Team

Help your children learn how to recognise and manage anxiety, stress and bullying.

In three fun, brand new e-books for families, unlock the mindsets for confidence and  emotional intelligence.

Each book  includes a discussion guide and learning activity.