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Let's Get Happier

January 16, 2020
Let's Get Happier

The Get Happier Project is a sequential program that supports the explicit teaching of social and emotional intelligence in our Primary School classrooms. The implementation of The Get Happier Project continues to build on its initial introduction in 2018 and we are now seeing students begin to move through the different stages of their developmental learning.

The Get Happier Project is an extension of Dr William Glasser’s work in understanding human behavior, and his development of Choice Theory and Reality Therapy. The school program has evolved over time from evidence-based psychology and the authors, Ivan Honey and Rebekah Honey, have been assisted by many educators, psychologists and counsellors from all over the world. It is an exceptional program that is positive, meaningful, adaptable, and above all, engaging for the students.

During 2019 our Early Years students are leaning about feelings and how to get along with each other. This is achieved through a variety of story books, posters and interactive games. The teachers embed choice theory language through the daily running of the classroom.

Students in Year 2 and 3 progress into a new stage of learning to help them understand behaviour and the behaviour of others in a complex world. They read stories, are involved in games and immerse themselves in discussions about emotional wellbeing.

Year 4 and 5 students are involved in a much deeper understanding of Choice Theory and human behaviour. This evidence-based psychology is explained in the context of a car and teaches students how to control their behaviour so they can achieve improved wellbeing outcomes within their lives.

The Year 6 students embark on a journey to increase happiness within the school community as they create team based projects. The projects are managed and led by the students that not only provide improved happiness to the community, but which also develops the students’ own leadership skills.

The Get Happier project aims to provide students with the ‘Tools of Life’ so they can better understand themselves and those around them. We are already seeing the positive impact it has on the students, staff and community as students build their social and emotional learning.

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