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Our Trauma Informed Program

December 07, 2022
Our Trauma Informed Program

Many other schools and individual teachers have begun using sections of the program to teach wellbeing, and in some cases, to support children who have been part of some of the natural disasters that have occurred this year. As Anti Bullying pioneer, Psychologist Evelyn Field writes…

‘Empowering children by giving them the resources to understand themselves, manage their feelings and solve problems is a powerful way to combat bullying. It also helps create an environment which is safe and supportive, and stops the cycle punishment and revenge.

The Doug Dragster Program is a new and fun program which promotes social and emotional learning for children by giving them the tools to problem solve and get the best out of life. The cartoons take the sting out of trauma and enable kids to find their reset button and move on from target to survivor.’

Not only is our program evidence-based, but it is also trauma-informed and provides guidance for staff and students to create a culture of wellbeing and recovery.

Here is a link to a just published article on workplace wellbeing from the US Surgeon General, which is incredibly consistent with our Get Happier/Choice Theory approach.

Find out more about Bully Blocking at Evelyns website Bully Blocking.

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