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Songs for Travelling on the Open Roads

Increasing Resilience in Children and Enhancing Your Classroom Culture with Music This captivating set of seven singalong songs are a key part of teaching the mindsets and skills for the well-being of children in the Get Happier School program. However, any teacher or parent will find these songs incredibly valuable both in the classroom and at home.Composed and produced by our talented music director, Kim Burns, this fabulous product includes a colourful songbook with music, words and chords, lyric videos, PowerPoints and MP3s.As a bonus, and to support inclusiveness, you will receive an additional high-quality music and words video for each song, where Kim uses key words hand signs which can be easily used by children in any setting. If you wish, you can use your ukulele or guitar to play the songs yourself using the easy chord patterns. Increase the emotional intelligence of your children at home and school with this delightful musical offering. At the same time, you will help develop a positive, relational, and cooperative learning environment.


File size: 196.81MB

Version: 1.0

Strategies for Creating the Self-Managing Classroom

This book will provide guidelines and resources to create genuine, respectful authentic relationships free of manipulation and coercion.


File size: 46.53MB

Version: 1.0

Ready, Set, Go! Teacher Guide

Comprehensive Teacher Guide.


File size: 10.59MB

Version: 4.0

Twelve Ready Set Go Storybooks- Powerpoint slides

These fun and engaging 12 digital storybooks are designed to be used with the whole class group or small groups, and are a key part of the curriculum in this program. The story books introduce children to the Dragster family and their friends. The themes of ‘family’ and ‘getting along together’ provide an introduction to school and its expectations for learning. It creates a natural transition from home to school as children talk about family, friends and relationships, how to solve problems and get happier. These books are also frequently used at higher grade levels, especially in relation to protective behaviours and managing emotions


File size: 30.81MB

Twelve New Emergent Text Beginning Readers– Powerpoint slides

These engaging 12 new digital emergent text storybooks are designed to be used by beginning readers who want to read the text by themselves. Adapted by staff at Mudgeeraba Special School and the Get Happier Team, they provide a delightful visual introduction to the dragsters and the themes of the Get Happier program. They are different from the Ready Set Go storybooks, as they reinforce and build reading skills, as well as emphasise the key messages about how to get happier.


File size: 51.33MB

Colouring Pages Open Roads for Working Together

Children can learn to travel on the Open Roads with these 7 fun colouring pages.


File size: 2.06MB

GHP Posters Open Roads for Working Together

Transform your classroom with this package of 10 informative and engaging posters.


File size: 2.72MB

The Get Happier Toolbox 20 Feelings Cards

Use these digital cards to teach students how to understand and manage their feelings, play games, tell stories and problem solve.


File size: 16.56MB

Fun Colouring to Get Happier

These fun colouring pages are available to help children relax or calm down when stressed. This delightful little book is a fantastic way for your students to take a break from stress and focus their minds on something creative and soothing.


File size: 5.28MB

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Open Road Thoughts to Get Happier updates
May 25, 2022 Jacqui Lynch

We have updated our Teacher Guides to include our new poster set, Open Road Thoughts to Get Happier cards and poster set.

This new set of 10 powerful affirmation and problem solving posters are simple to use, and provide affirmations and processes for helping children learn the skills to solve their own problems, and at the same time develop a growth mindset.

The updated Teacher Guides provides comprehensive instructions for their use.

Grab the latest Teacher Guides and poster set from the Subscriber Area of the Get Happier website.

The new School Snapshot section is now available to the public and the Subscriber Area updated.  Please log in to watch the Subscriber Area overview video to find out about latest updates and how to use them.
March 22, 2021 Ivan Honey

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Looking forward to seeing your School Snapshot

The new School Snapshot section is now available to the public and the Subscriber Area updated.  Please log in to watch the Subscriber Area overview video to find out about latest updates and how to use them.

Looking forward to seeing your School Snapshots 🙂

Subscriber Updates
March 20, 2021 jeff

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