Get Happier Arrives at Eight Mile Plains State School, Brisbane, Queensland

Some of the terrific staff at Eight Mile Plains School following the day\’s introduction and launching of the program in 2023.

We combine all modalities:visual, auditory and kinasthetic to create exceptional learning experiences for children.

At the Glasser Australia conference, October 2022

I share the Get Happier Journey as Keynote Address

Watch this fun movement song from the Mudgeeraba Special School team :-) Just copy and paste in your browser!

The Get Happier team in the USA

Here are the Get Happier Principals in the USA, Leaja and Marilyn, along with our North American co-ordinator, Nancy Herrick. Thanks team, for making such a difference in the lives of your students!

The Get Happier team in the USA

Staff at Achievement Charter Academy in North Carolina training with Juan Pablo Aljure.

This is a school which takes the wellbeing and mental health of students and staff seriously!

Thanks to Nancy and Leaja 🙂