Get Happier Project time!

Some grade 6 students at Moama Anglican Grammar, enjoying working on their team projects to improve happiness and wellbeing at the school.  It is always inspiring to visit and talk with students who are making such a positive difference!

Beginning classes, learning the language of wellbeing ! (4-5 year olds at Moama Anglican Grammar School)

Some of the images created by teachers and children in the first year of school

Get Happier Pots

Year 6 student created some decorative pot plants to present to our school Executive team. Promoting the Open Roads at our school

A Get Happier Movie

Year 6 students at Moama Grammar creating a Doug Dragster movie as part of their Get Happier Projects!

Signpost to happiness at Moama Anglican Grammar School.

Thanks to Get Happier Co-ordinator, Mr Callum  Gibbs