Beginning classes, learning the language of wellbeing ! (4-5 year olds at Moama Anglican Grammar School)

Some of the images created by teachers and children in the first year of school

Get Happier Pots

Year 6 student created some decorative pot plants to present to our school Executive team. Promoting the Open Roads at our school

A Get Happier Movie

Year 6 students at Moama Grammar creating a Doug Dragster movie as part of their Get Happier Projects!

Signpost to happiness at Moama Anglican Grammar School.

Thanks to Get Happier Co-ordinator, Mr Callum  Gibbs

CounterPunch Darwin – The Get Happier Project 2010

CounterPunch is a unique program that teaches the physical skills and attributes of boxing alongside life skills and strengths based techniques to help young people make good choices.

Below is the link to a PDF which was what we now know was the origins of The Get Happier School program.

CounterPunch and Doug Dragster Workshop*

Many thanks to Mercedes Taffee for all her support and enouragement.