Grade 4 and 5

Single Class Resources

The Magic in Life Teacher Guide

Comprehensive Teacher Guide for 43 lessons including additional games and activities,


File size: 22.91MB

GHP Poster Doug's Magic Manual

This colourful and dynamic poster will help students discover how to make their life magic.


File size: 1.18MB

GHP Poster Doug's Magic ToolBox Checklist

Using the car components, this vibrant poster shows students how to change their feelings into thoughts and actions.


File size: 1.66MB

GHP Posters Open and Dead End Roads

Transform your classroom with this package of 14 engaging and informative posters.


File size: 2.53MB

GHP Car Component Posters.pdf

These 8 vibrant and easily recalled images from the story and sessions can be used to create a display as reminders or as problem solving tools in your classroom.


File size: 2.31MB

GHP 5 Questions A4 Posters

These posters guide students to find solutions and solve problems themselves.


File size: 524.21kB

GHP Posters 4 Wheels

Introduce students to the 4 Wheels with these 4 vibrant posters.


File size: 508.94kB

GHP Keys to Get Happier

Students earn their 'Keys to Get Happier' upon completion of certain lessons.


File size: 0.97MB

GHP Name Tags

These name tags bring to life lessons and activities.


File size: 1.35MB

GHP Road Map Plan

Fun and vibrant Road Map Plan for students to use and refer to.


File size: 1.54MB

GHP Certificate.pdf

Upon completion, students are rewarded with their own Advanced Driving License.


File size: 620.22kB

The Amazing Adventures of Doug Dragster - Part 1

Doug Dragster Finds His Wheels


File size: 33.47MB

The Amazing Adventures of Doug Dragster - Part 2

Doug Dragster and the Magic Questions


File size: 25.65MB

The Amazing Adventures of Doug Dragster - Part 3

Doug Dragster and the Magic Map


File size: 40.12MB

GHP Pre/Post Survey

Monitor the change in student’s self-perception with this survey


File size: 116.86kB