Grade 6

Whole School Resources

Get Happier in Action Teacher Guide

Comprehensive Teacher Guide for 13 Lessons.


File size: 31.54MB

Version: 3.0

Get Happier in Action Project Book

Project book that your students will use to create, plan and evaluate their group and individual plans.


File size: 34.86MB

Version: 2.0

GHP Posters Open and Dead End Roads

Transform your classroom with this package of 14 engaging and informative posters.


File size: 0.00

GHP Poster Magic Questions

Display this colourful poster to reminder students of the Magic Questions


File size: 929.36kB

GHP Posters 4 Wheels

Introduce students to the 4 Wheels with these 4 vibrant posters.


File size: 508.94kB

GHP 5 Questions A4 Posters

These posters guide students to find solutions and solve problems themselves.


File size: 524.21kB

GHP Poster Framework.pdf

A framework for personal wellbeing and achieving happiness and meaning in life


File size: 523.51kB