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Ivan has 40 years of experience working as a psychologist and trainer in schools, business, organisations and with individual clients. He consults, lectures and teaches around the world, and has projects in countries including the US and Europe. He undertakes workshops that teach wellbeing and happiness, resilience, lifeskills, positive psychology, relationships and counselling skills.

Following the run away success of the Cars’R’Us kit Ivan has packaged his learnings of nearly 40 years into a fun, comprehensive program designed to improve mental health, wellbeing and life skills for all ages. He presents this in a powerful visual form to create awareness, enhance learning, and set up a sustainable framework for applying these skills on a daily basis. The Get Happier Project is an extraordinary framework and set of resources including activity books, stories, card sets and posters.

Come and join Ivan Honey, Psychologist, Best Selling Author and Human Behaviour Specialist!

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