32. Outside

I was driving around yesterday just to get outside for a change. I was thinking how beautiful the world is when I stopped to really notice the trees, the streams, and all the flowers. I usually drive so fast or am thinking about what my destination is, that I don’t stop and really notice all the wonder of the world around me.

Have you ever thought about how miraculous nature really is? I decided I would pick out something I hardly ever notice like the flower that grows next to my front door. Then I would compare it to all the other flowers I have seen today and make a note of their similarities and their differences. For instance: Like the rose bush outside my front door. The flowers are all red and the leaves are green and brown. It is a big bush and has thorns. The other flowers in my yard are many different colours and most do not grow in bush shapes. None of the others have thorns. But they all grow and bloom with flowers each year. How does mother nature make that happen?? I am going to google it.

Maybe you would like to discover something new about the outdoors around you. You might choose to compare trees, birds, the soil, or the seashore. This is such a wonderful world, and so many miracles around us. Now that we have some alone time, I wonder if there is any part of your surroundings that you would like to really notice? My experience today made me happier to think about all the miracles of nature. Will you get happier smelling the roses?

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31. What if?

Great to be talking to you again today. I love adventures with Doug and the Dragster gang. What has been your favourite adventure so far? Do you like dreaming up strange adventures that get your pistons fired up Have you ever created an adventure game where you try to imagine the impossible? What kind of impossibility would be challenging to you and still fun?

Doug and I like to play the “What if…” game. You may want to try it with your family or one of your online friends. It goes like this.

“What if ….. (now you add the situation) the sun appeared green tomorrow?” (Then you each give your answers.)

“What if….the teachers everywhere quit teaching and became astronauts?”

“What if….your dog started talking to you and telling you what to do?”

“What if….the wind blew all the leaves and foliage off the trees every time it rained?”

“What if….every biscuit you took a bite from, suddenly changed into broccoli?”

“What if….all the people every where were only one meter tall?”

“What if….all the animals in the zoo started talking about the visitors?”

You can make up your own “What if” questions. Try it and see if you can have fun with crazy thinking.

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30.Some good questions for you!

Do you ever have worries about how long this social distancing will last? Talk over the situation with your family and plan what you will do if school does not return or go back to normal.

  • What kinds of online assignments work best for you?
  • What do you wish the teachers would do to make it easier to complete assignments?
  • How would you design an online lesson plan for students your age?
  • Do you have suggestions for your parents or teachers about how to stay safe for as long as the Covid-19 orders are in place?
  • If the situation does not change back to allowing large groups to assemble, predict what learning will be necessary and what special assistance will be needed for students.
  • Can you suggest lessons that could be more helpful, even if we have to stay isolated?

Share your thinking with your family and plan ways that you can make learning more fun if the schools don’t go back to normal classroom gatherings for a while. Suggest ways you have found to Get Happier and write them up and stick them on the wall.

Congratulations for being so patient and for talking it through with your family.

  • What open roads are you using with your family and with yourself right now?
  • How do you think you can continue with staying safe at home and still find ways to get happier?

Send me your ideas.

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29. Share your favourite lines from movies or books!

What’s your favourite comedy or funny movie? Mine is ‘Doctor Doolittle’ I get a laugh out of the animals talking to him and his family wondering what he is talking about when he is talking to the animals.

I would like to know some of your favourite funny comedies. Share some inspirational lines or jokes from any of your favourite movies? Watch one of your favourite comedies with your family or friends and pick out the funny lines. Talk about how you feel happier when you are enjoying a great movie or book together.

Let me know which movie you like. I would like to watch it too.

Watching a favourite movie with your friends or family can really help to cheer you up and help you to get happier!!!

You could make up a poster with your favourite lines.

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28. This is a great way to get happier!

Hi Everyone! I just played Doug’s game with chores. Wow! I never thought I would enjoy taking out the trash. But it was fun!

Today I am going to do something a little different but on the same open roads of being supportive and encouraging.

I am going to write thank you notes and draw some cool pictures for each person that I appreciate. I have already written one for my mum. She does so much for me. I am going to write one for my teacher, my coach, and my friend Doug. I want to give one of these to someone I appreciate each day this week. I felt really happy writing the one for my mum. Thinking about all the helpful things others do helps me to feel happier.

How do you feel when you think about all the great advice your coach gives you, or the things your family does to make your life more enjoyable? Oh yeah, I’m going to write a note to Sid about his silly jokes! He cracks me up!

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