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The new process for digital downloads

July 19, 2019

By now, all Get Happier Schools will have received the new password and process to access all digital resources. The previous dropbox process has ended and been replaced by the new streamlined subscriber system where all resources are downloaded from the Get Happier Project website.

You may have noted the new digital downloads of the dragster feeling cards for early teaching of emotional intelligence, and learning games. They can be used also at any level of the school. Additional images of the individual 4 Wheels are also included for games and learning activities. Parents in the Get Happier Schools will also be able to download the free parenting book directly from the website. Check with us if you do not have this information.
You may also have noted that the Get Happier Project website has been updated to reflect our emphasis on the Get Happier School curriculum and contains  new sections covering the Year 7/8 program  and  implementation processes

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