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New schools on the Get Happier journey

May 06, 2022
New schools on the Get Happier journey

With teachers, children and families facing such extreme challenges, it is great to have new schools commencing the Get Happier journey. I recently helped launch a new Get Happier School in Gorokan, NSW, and in spite of the many challenges faced, I was refreshed and inspired to see the energy, excitement  and commitment of the staff as they introduced the program.

The staff are also adjusting their behaviour management policies and procedures to reflect a move towards helping their students learn the skills of self-management. I continue to be grateful every day for the teachers who are teaching and extending the program in order to prepare children for the future.

Wahroonga Public School in Sydney is also commencing the Get Happier journey in July, and I am really looking forward to spending some time with the staff as we launch the program.

I am also spending 4 days of training with some incredibly creative teachers at Mudgeeraba Special School on the Gold Coast, and with Crest Secondary School in Singapore.

DOXA school, a secondary alternative setting in Bendigo are extending their use of the secondary section of the program. This school has been operating with a Choice Theory focus for some years now, and are continuing to experiment and add to the program.

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