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Rubric for becoming a Glasser Quality School

February 11, 2022
Rubric for becoming a Glasser Quality School

I attach this link from the Glasser Institute for Choice Theory in the USA. It provides a rubric for becoming a Glasser Quality School! This can be a great self evaluation tool for your school, and because you are already implementing the Get Happier School program, you have already met most of the key criteria. Do get in touch with me if you wish to follow this up to obtain this endorsement.

Would you like a challenge for this year that will REALLY increase success and happiness in your class?

If so, identify your 2 most challenging students and use every open road habit, consistently, every day, even in the face of resistance. At the same time pull out of any dead end road behaviour. Relax, enjoy the journey and see the change!

The program is full of strategies for problem-solving. Check them out in the toolbox, the new card set and charts, and teach your students the skills of self-management.

Don’t forget to support new staff with an orientation to the program via the website videos, and the training videos in the subscriber area!

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