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OUT NOW! Strategies for Creating the Self-Managing Classroom

September 21, 2023
OUT NOW! Strategies for Creating the Self-Managing Classroom

Supporting teachers with strategies for behaviour management and well-being in the classroom.

The new companion eBook for teachers, Strategies for Creating the Self-Managing Classroom, is now available. SPECIAL OFFER! Use the coupon code CS572 to obtain this fabulous resource for FREE.

I wrote this book at the request of many teachers in our Get Happier Schools who wanted to see how the program resources could be used as an internal control behaviour management approach.

Within the daily challenges of the classroom, how do we best manage student behaviour to achieve the desired outcomes? How can we discover strategies consistent with what we are teaching the students?

This new resource will answer these questions and provide the tools you need to achieve a self-managing classroom. This book provides guidelines and resources to create genuine, respectful, authentic relationships without manipulation and coercion.

If you want this in your classroom, this book is for you.

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